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Cards 'N Stuff 4 You!

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Auctions Of Sports Cards, Toys, Comics, 'N Stuff
Shipping 'Round The Globe 6 Days per Week

My Turn Around Time For Sales and Purchases Is Lightning Fast....There's No Waiting!  Along With Sports Cards,
I Have Over 10,000 Different Titles Of Music Record Albums .
I Sell A Few Mc D's and BK Toys.
From Time To Time, There May Be A Sports Card You're Looking For That I Might Not Have Listed. 
Please E-Mail Me With Your Requests,
As I've 100's Of Thousands Of Cards By Now.
I Am Here To Auction Them Off, Or Sell Them Outright.
Believe Me, My Wife Would Be Happy To See Them Outta Here!!!

I've Developed A Good Reputation Being A Member Of EPier, EBay, Bidville, Auction U.S., BidWay, QuicklySell, Yahoo!, And More,
With No Negative Feedbacks,
So Buying And Selling With Me Should Be A Favorable Move.  I've 100's Of Thousands Of Sports Card Singles
And Inserts Around Here! 
Nope, I Do Not Deal With Any
Online Payment Services.
I Do Not Offer Refunds, Since My Items Do Contain Pictures With A Full Description.
I Also Include "Freebies" With Every Auction Won.
Everyone I've Dealt With Is A
Happy Customer!
Thanks A Lot For Your Time And Interest,
Have A Nice Day!
 I Do Hope To Make Your Shopping Business A Pleasure!  My Customers Are Valuable To Me.  My Business Means A Lot. 
Thank You All For Looking
Have Fun!!! :o)

Auctions Of Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Racing, Boxing Cards, Fast Food Toys, Comics, etc.
Do You Collect?
I Have Auctions For Your Collections!

A 2001 Signed New York Yankees Team Ball
This Was My Best Selling Item Untill I Ran Out
Many Auctions Open At 75% Below Book Value!!!

Only Quality Junk Here Folks!
Don't Let The Name Fool You

Sports Card Auctions 'N Stuff 4 You!
I Do Offer A Variety

If You Have Any Special Requests Of Items For Your Collections
Not Found On My Auction Sites

You can e-mail me at:

Located In The Mohawk Valley Region
Upstate New York