Hi, Folks!
Having the same birthday as Babe Ruth, and loving the sport of baseball,
has allowed me to persue an interest in collecting over the past fourteen years now as a grownup.
I buy many packs, especially Upper Deck baseball.
I work on, and try to complete just one set per year....for me,
although I also buy many other sports cards packs of other manufacturers.
One must have a variety to compete as a seller. Just call me a packbuster.
Are you looking for Mc D's toys? How about some old music 45 sleeves.
I've mini posters, also. Autographs, A National Lampoon's Vacation Bumper Sticker,
a 1990 Full size Marge Simpson Doll, Sports Illustrated For Kids sports cards, the list goes on & on.

Cards 'N Stuff 4 You!
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I May Still Collect Molitor And Clemens Cards, But I've Most Of Them By Now.  I've Developed A Good Reputation Being A Member Of E Bay, Bidville, Auction U.S., BidWay, QuicklySell, And Yahoo!, So Buying And Selling With Me Should Be A Favorable Move.  I've 10's Of Thousands Of Singles And Inserts Around Here! 
Nope, I Do Not Deal With Any Online Payment Services. 
I Do Not Offer Refunds, Since My Items Do Contain Pictures With A Full Description.  I Also May Happen To Include "Freebies" With Just About Every Auction Won.  Everyone I've Dealt With Is A
Happy Customer! 
Thanks A Lot For Your Time And Interest,
Have A Nice Day!
 I Do Hope To Make Your Shopping Business A Pleasure!  My Customers Are Valuable To Me.  My Business Means A Lot. 
Thank You All For Looking
Have Fun!!! :o)
My Turn Around Time For Sales and Purchases Is Lightning Fast....There's No Waiting!  Along With Sports Cards, I Sell A Few Mc D's and BK Toys.  That's Where The Stuff Comes In.  From Time To Time, There May Be A Baseball Card Your Looking For.  Please E-Mail Me With Your Requests, As I've 100's Of Thousands Of Sports Cards By Now. 
Mostly Baseball.
Believe Me, My Wife Would Be Happy To See Them Outta Here!!!

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I know there are sports cards collectors out there.
Please, make my page your page for online shopping.
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Red Sox!!!